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Zhejiang Zhen You Electronics Co., Ltd was founded in 2000.Via 18 years of persistent development,Zhen You has owned a superb  R&D team,independent engineering design,experimental ability, complete environment facilities to ensure the product quality.  Company is located in Linglong Industry Park,Lin'an District,Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.The industry park has the  wonderful environment and is convenient in traffic.
Zhen You has two subsidiaries(Sheng Da & You Cheng ). After the shareholding system reformed on June 14, 2016,the company became a joint stock company.
Zhen You is a professional manufacturer of Carbon PCB,Silver Through Hole PCB,Plated Through Hole Double-sided PCB.Products are widely used in TV,computers,air conditioners and other consumer electronics.In November 2016,Zhen You listed in The New OTC Market.(Stock Code:839559)
Other superiorities:
   √  The member of China Printed Circuits Association.
   √  International Certifications: 
            ISO9001 / ISO14001 / ISO45001 / IATF16949 / UL 
   √  Industry standard drafter:  
            Single & double sided printed circuit board with carbon conductor T/CPCA 6043-2016
            Sectional specification for single & double carbon-coated printed circuit boards SJ/T 11171-2016
   √  Rich experience of export:
       Poland / KoreaMexico / Indonesia / Vitnam / Cambodia

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